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Proper management and nutrition are essential to the health and well-being of domestic animals, particularly agricultural species that are expected to maintain a high level of production while relying on their managers to meet all their physiologic and behavioral needs. As livestock production becomes more intensified, the need to ensure that management and nutrition do not limit animal health or productivity increases.

Management and nutrition are also central to the prevention and control of many infectious and noninfectious diseases. Although infectious diseases require the presence of a specific infectious organism(s) (ex. a bacterium, virus, parasite), the mere presence of the causal microbe is not usually sufficient to assure that disease will develop. Other environmental and host factors influence whether the infected animal develops clinical disease or has reduced productivity as a result of the infection.

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Dairy and beef cattle, poultry, swine and horses are performing better thanks to improved organic trace mineral nutrition pioneered by Habbit. For many years ago, we have focused solely on trace mineral nutrition, producing three lines of proven products that provide exceptional results.

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